Open Doors is a faith-based, non-profit international organization that strengthens the Persecuted Church.

About Us



Open Doors began in 1955 when a young Dutch missionary named Andrew Van Der Bijl (known today as Brother Andrew) went to then-Communist Eastern Europe. He met Christians in desperate need of Bibles, prayer support, and encouragement. There, he had received a calling from the Lord – to strengthen what remained (Revelation 3:2).


Brother Andrew smuggled Bibles and Christian literatures into dangerous places, encouraged persecuted believers, and recruited people to help him. The ministry expanded and had become an international organization serving in over 60 countries.



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We are
part of the Body of Christ; a people to people people.

We are
 Persecuted Church driven.

We are
 people of the Bible.

We are
 people of prayer.

We live
 and work by faith.

We are
 devoted to Jesus Christ and His commission.

We are
 motivated solely for the glory of God.


The Carving in the Rock

The Ichthus Sign

The Barbwire

The Rock

The process of engraving on a rock requires time and perseverance. It is the same with following Christ. Everyone who believes in Him is called upon to carry His cross daily. With both the Ichthus and Barbwire symbols carved on a rock, it symbolizes our dedication to persevere in our calling to serve the Persecuted Church no matter how long and hard it takes.

Persecuted believers of the early church hiding in Roman catacombs etched the Ichthus sign on the ground, to identify themselves discreetly to fellow believers. We have embraced this symbol, not only to identify with them in their suffering, but to serve the persecuted Christians worldwide through prayer and practical help.

The barbwire evokes images of oppression often seen in prisons and labor camps. We are committed to help our brothers and sisters who are arrested and have lost their freedom because of their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Entwined with the Ichthus, it is a constant reminder that suffering will follow those who believe in Christ.

In the Bible, God has taken "The Rock" as one of His great Names. In the Old Testament, He is the Rock of Ages – everlasting, strong and mighty. In the New Testament, Christ is the Rock and Chief Cornerstone, upon which His church is built, and from which the Spirit of life flows. He is the Center and Foundation of everything done in our ministry.


“God spoke to me… Strengthen what remains which is at the point of death [Revelation 3:2.]…

That began a totally new life for me. And it was also a seed of a new ministry

called now Open Doors.”


– Brother Andrew


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